about us

Inkblood Book Co. was first conceptualized by author Emory Glass while she was seeking a home for her own stories. Having written several full-length novels, a handful of short stories, and a thirty-three-part serial, she found many available publishing options were not to her liking. So, she decided to live the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi) and start her own author-focused, story-centered press. It is her belief that speculative fiction not quite grimdark and not quite nobledark that takes risks, tackles heavy and important topics, and breaks the mold of what speculative fiction “should” look like is an underserved market which merits further exploration for the sake of the readers and authors who enjoy such stories.

our mission

To support the publication of works and authors deemed too risky, irreverent, or gritty for traditional avenues of publication; to put profits in the hands of creative professionals who contribute to a story’s publication; and to exist and operate in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

our values

Manuscripts have a long journey ahead of them from first draft to published book, and we want to do everything within our power to support authors in their endeavour, no matter how difficult the road. Our staff and authors will never give up their mission to provide the world with excellent stories, even when the going gets tough. 

Our mission extends to everyone, not just the major players. We accept submissions from writers of all skill levels and professional statuses because we believe all authors deserve equitable chances at publication. Furthermore, we actively encourage diverse authors to submit and are committed to making their voices heard.

We value sharpness of mind and quick, clever ways of defeating any obstacles that may challenge us as publishers and as people. We are committed to finding solutions that are equitable, sustainable, and mindful of the needs and experiences of the people we serve as well as our natural environment.

Eco-friendliness is of paramount importance to us. We aim for the smallest possible carbon footprint and are committed to using green business practices, such as printing on recycled paper with vegetable inks when possible and never using plastic in our packaging. We strive to uphold as many of Green America’s Standards for Paper, Publishing, and Printing as possible.

We pride ourselves on our keen attention to the details of the products we produce and mindfulness about our impacts on our reader and author community, the environment, and other stakeholders. We are not gatekeepers but facilitators of the connection between reader and author.

Cultivating a positive, helpful environment that is welcoming to all is a key aspect of our ethos. Respect, honesty, transparency, and integrity toward ourselves and the book community at large are all major parts of how we will conduct ourselves and how we hope our community members will act toward one another.
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