we are currently OPEN to submissions

We only accept dark fantasy or science fiction. We accept unsolicited submissions, simultaneous submissions, reprint submissions for stories that have been out-of-print for at least one year and to which you have regained digital and print publication rights, submissions that were previously independently serialized so long as the work is removed from public availability before submission, and translations. You must notify us if your submission falls into one of these categories.

We try to keep our response time from the day the submissions period closes at 4-6 weeks for THE DROP, 8-12 weeks for anthologies, and 12-16 weeks for novellas and novels. We respond to every submission. If you haven't heard from us within this timeframe, please feel free to nudge the Publisher via eMail. If we still haven't responded and a significant period of time has passed, please re-submit your story.

Familiarity with the style of stories we publish will greatly improve your chances of publication. However, please note that purchasing one of our publications in itself does not increase your chance of success. The single best way to ensure your success is to write a fantastic story and follow our submission guidelines to the letter.

general submissions

We are accepting original works of dark fantasy between 50,000 and 80,000 words long.

hard sells

+ "It was Earth all along!"
Run-of-the-mill horror devices (Dracula, zombies, Frankenstein's monster, werewolves, demons, ghosts, haunted dolls, creepy children, serial killers...)
+ Pseudo-medieval-or-Renaissance-England settings
+ ​Extreme violence or explicit sexual content that doesn't have a good reason to be there (and even then, we do have limits)
+ ​Stories originally written for a themed publication or contest
+ Near-Future Science Fiction, Magical Realism, Surreal Fiction, Parody or Comedy
+ ​Common retellings (Cinderella, Percy Jackson, Beowulf)

don't query

+ Works that are not dark science fiction or fantasy
+ Glorified violence, slasher fic, hateful or discriminatory content, or pornography
+ Romanticization or exploitation of mental illness
+ Stories torn from your RPG campaign, trunk stories, or repackaged fanfiction
+ Stories in which the male protagonist is comparable to Gaston or the female protagonist is Not Like Other Girls
+ Witchcraft is Satanism! Or, Paganism is Satanism!
+ Nazis (Space Nazis, Wizard Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Nazis but they're communist...you get the idea)
​+ [Religion or Political Belief] is the cause of all our strife/is the only thing that can save us!