the fool's journey

Inkblood Book Company is proud to announce THE FOOL’S JOURNEY, an anthology of dark fantasy fiction themed after the major arcana of the tarot.

GENRE: Fantasy
WORD COUNT: 5,000 minimum, 20,000 maximum
PAY RATE: Pro rata share of royalty pool

WHAT does the future hold? Some believe palmistry and pendulums will guide them to the answers they seek, others consult dowsing rods and crystal balls. But, many turn to the tarot to make known the unknown and drink deeply of the font of forbidden knowledge concealed within the deepest reaches of the hidden world. From The Sun and The Moon to the Hierophant and The Devil, the stories told within these pages portent a grey and ever-shifting future for those who dare to seek its truths. Beware: you may learn more than you bargained for…

Submittants should choose one of the twenty-two Major Arcana (numbered 0 through 21) to inspire their submission whether in terms of plot, character(s), theme, mood, or setting. Character-driven stories with strong, well-designed worldbuilding, tight prose, and a good understanding of pacing are hallmarks of fiction we would consider publishing. While the following aren't requirements, we are particularly interested in stories that feature unique or rarely-used fantasy races, unusual framing devices, small-scale stories about a single character or place's problems, or settings that draw from a variety of cultures in their worldbuilding (especially those that aren't used often). Literary fantasy fiction and genre mash-ups (science-fantasy, for example) are also of interest!

If you need help deciding which card to pick or need more information about the tarot, please review this resource by Biddy Tarot and/or this source by

formatting guidelines

+ Complete story that does not exceed 20,000 words in a .pdf or .docx ​only

+ 12pt Book Antiqua or Lato font, double-spaced
+ Left-aligned paragraphs
+ One-inch margins
+ In a center-aligned header on each page, type your name (along with "writing as Pen Name" if you use one) and beneath it your story title in all caps
+ If you need further assistance, your end product should look similar to this: Proper Manuscript Format

to inquire

Send an eMail to with the following information:

SUBJECT LINE: "Query for 'TITLE': THE FOOL'S JOURNEY" (in all caps!). Please do not put anything else in the subject line.

BODY: Please do not use fancy fonts, backgrounds, formatting, or add any attachments other than what we ask for to the body of your eMail.

PARAGRAPH ONE: A brief introduction: how you found us, why you're querying, which card inspired your story, and why you chose that card.

PARAGRAPH TWO: A 150-200 word story synopsis. Be thorough! Spoilers are for readers. We need to know the plot from beginning to end.

PARAGRAPH THREE: A closing statement, the story's total wordcount, any previous publications you've featured in, and any other pertinent information. The sum of your body text should not exceed 350 words.

ATTACHMENTS: A .pdf or .docx file containing your submission and formatted according to the above guidelines. Please do not attach anything else! No artwork, secondary submissions, cover ideas, et cetera.

avoiding automatic rejection

You can easily avoid receiving an automatic rejection by following being thorough and taking your time when reading our submission guidelines before submitting your story. We promise we are not trying to trick you into making a mistake; these guidelines are here to ensure swift and complete consideration of your piece. Please only submit once you...

+ Are sure your submission is within the bounds of the genres we're accepting for this call (dark fantasy)

+ Have checked that your submission meets our word count limits (5,000 minimum, 20,000 maximum)

+ Have read our "Do Not Send" list on our submissions page and have verified that your submission does not violate it

+ Have double-checked that your submission is formatted according to our guidelines

+ Have double-checked that you did not attach anything besides your submission, and that the version you submitted is correct

We understand that files sometimes corrupt or other electronic shenanigans happen. If we suspect something went wrong, we will contact you and ask you to resubmit.